charlot is a Los Angeles-based brand founded by a brother-sister duo passionate about fragrance, cinema, and the power both have to transport us.

Each signature scent is inspired by an individual classic film. These films are specifically curated because they convey an iconic stylistic and timeless thematic sensibility, with their defining moments serving as inspiration for the essence expressed in each scent.

We draw on a range of classics, spanning American films like Hitchcock’s North by Northwest and Casablanca to Breathless, seminal film of the French New Wave and Italian Director Federico Fellini’s epochal 8 ½.

Each candle comes in a vivid and distinctive visual presentation delivered in painted colored vessels complete with matching wax. As a nod to the way scenes are written in scripts, each candle is denoted "INT." (interior) or "EXT." (exterior) based on the setting it takes place in.

Our candles are handcrafted in small batches locally in Los Angeles using all-natural coconut soy wax. They also include a range of essential oils.

Experience our signature scents to immerse in sensorial scenes of scent to make every day your movie.