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Hollywood Hills - CHARLOT

Founded by Los Angeles natives with a passion for fragrance and cinema, and a deep appreciation for the ability of both to transport us.

As a brother and sister team, Andy and Kelsey have always been inspired by the vibrant spirit of Los Angeles and its history of telling transcendent stories through film. charlot ("shar-loh") reflects this inspiration; the vision to present fragrance as cinema.

We create our signature scents by selecting classic films that are both iconic and meaningful to us, using a particular moment in each as inspiration for the essence we aim to express.

In concert with a storied fragrance house with a 260-year history, we translated our inspiration into four uniquely cinematic scents that form our first collection.

As a nod to the way scenes are written in scripts, each scent is denoted "INT." (interior) or "EXT." (exterior) based on the setting it takes place in.

Furnished in hand-painted colored vessels complete with matching wax, each candle comes in a vivid and distinctive visual presentation.

Our candles are crafted in small batches, made locally in Los Angeles, using all-natural coconut soy wax. They also include a range of essential oils.

By transporting the audience just like a great movie does, these cinematic candles turn any setting into an electrifying movie.

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